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Why this Summer it’s all about BOMBOM

Why this Summer it’s all about BOMBOM

What: BomBom

Where: Fenwicks, Baar & Bass, Beulah & Online

Bright. Fun and perfect for Travels. BomBom gives you the bespoke basket for the beach, the clutch for after dark and the floppy hat for the inevitable hangover. Could anything be more perfect this summer?


Straw Hat


The new BomBom emoji baskets which have just landed are making me go starry eyed! Perfect for presents, but better for yourself…


Emoji Baskets


Sisters Olivia and Beatriz Callaghan started BomBom in 2016 after multiple trips to Morocco – from the beautifully traditional architecture to the endless souks, the wild beaches and the waterfalls of Atlas Mountains – they set their hearts on capturing the essence of the country’s dramatic traditional together with the vibrant contemporary.

Each basket and hat is handmade by a handpicked Women’s Association in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains – made from natural palm leaves and naturally dyed in Marrakesh tanneries – BomBom puts social and environmental responsibility at the forefront of the brand. With strong values and beautiful designs, this is the┬áBrand to know.

The even better news? Use the code ROYALBOMBOM and receive 15% of all orders! xx

Website: BomBom


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