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Bees? I’m terrified of them. When there’s one close by I run a mile or jump off a boat *glass of rosé in hand* yes, this happened - last summer to be exact. How after twenty five years, and only one sting can they be that terrifying? I Googled it - Apiphobia - (from the Latin apis for "honey bee" and  Greek: phobos, "fear") and it turns out that not only is this fear generally associated with lack of knowledge, but it also may have a damaging effect on ecology. Ouch. Bees are important - they hold the power of service and are key messengers continually moving from plant to plant.

So, maybe the Bee's not such a bad guy after all? And perhaps I can copy his 'modus operandi'? As he busies himself taking information from A to B, my objective here is to do the same. Having lived in London and worked in Lifestyle Management at White Circle Collection for 5 years, I decided to create an ‘in the know’ website, from one Londoner to another. A huge part of my job is finding out what events are happening in London - Pop-up shops, Exhibitions, Product Launches, Theatre Productions, Restaurant Openings, Member’s Clubs – there are a whole host of events happening each month which get tucked away in the corner of the internet. London has the most fantastic history and incredible attractions for tourists, much of which you will easily find on the internet when looking for what to do in London, but how many times can a Londoner go and visit the Tower of London?! We want to know what’s happening in London right now and Brands want a way of connecting to the young, fun demographic. So I decided to create something exciting, informative and buzzy so that when you’re next sitting at your desk and deciding what to do after work, you can come here and find a hive of activity!

So voilà! Here you have it… and it’s “the bee’s knees”! Welcome to your online diary on what’s buzzing in London!

Jemima Cadbury x


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