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Notting Hill: Biscuiteers Icing Cafe

Notting Hill: Biscuiteers Icing Cafe

What: Biscuiteers School of Icing Workshop – Apres Ski

When: Wed 17 January 2018, 3 pm-5 pm

Where: Biscuiteers Notting Hill Icing Cafe, 194 Kensington Park Road, London W11 2E


Notting Hill offers a lot of things to get excited about, but now we have something else to throw into the mix. A cafe not only filled with delicious biscuits, cakes and chocolates – but also a cafe offering a full fat masterclass and two hours of expert icers helping you to create your very own beautiful hand iced gifts. It’s got that Sunday-afternoon-London-in-winter kind of vibe…


Biscuiteers Notting Hill Icing Cafe



It’s cosy and intimate, in a beautiful settings surrounded by incredible biscuit masterpieces! Everything is provided for you, and at the end you’ll walk out with a tin of your own beautifully iced apres-ski biscuits to take home… SOLD! x

Tickets: £78

Website: Biscuiteers Icing Cafe



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