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Chelsea’s Newest Exhibition You Need to See

Chelsea’s Newest Exhibition You Need to See

What: A Return to Smooth Space Exhibition

When: 31st May – 1st July 2018

Where: The Dot Project, 94 Fulham Rd, Kensington, London SW3 6HS

A Return to Smooth Space examines the work of David Matthew King (b. 1981, Southern California, USA) and Bertrand Fournier (b. 1985, Île-de-France). Both artists share similarities through their work, as well as key differences. The focus on abstract, bright colours to tell stories, are each told very differently – King uses multicoloured strokes that never touch yet connect and flow effortlessly from one another, Bertrand explores block colour and its relationship to the more delicate line.

King’s work is a focused on a sustained, serial investigation into spatial distance as well as physical, emotional and linguistic boundaries between relationships. His carefully positional marks of pure colour and controlled intensity show the tension between contradictory feelings of love, anger, isolation and hope.

Similar to King, Fournier’s work demonstrates the profound interest in internal compositional organising and colour combinations – this is shown through his graphic and linear elements of pure colour and oscillates between a monochromatic theme and vibrant colours weaving in and out of each other.

An exciting exhibition, full or work made specifically for the exhibition – make sure to catch it while it’s on! xx


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